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Happy Fun Ball

Today suddenly accelerated to warp speed in the best way. I got to meet several fantastic people from local shops, farms, and animal sanctuaries. Once again proving that Vashon brings out the best in everything. Even the best of the January weather. The peonies in the test field are very confused and putting up leaves. The ornamental cherries are thick with rounding buds and bursting out of their protective sleeves. As if the smoke of February isn't lurking around the corner ready to force it all to duck and cover its head back up.

But, dude, I get it. Today was glorious. It did feel like Spring.

As I pried off the sleeves our cherry trees had long past outgrown and assessed the intense lichen covering our beleaguered ornamental pears; my mind tried to race the mist coming off the mountain, just as fast as my silly peonies. January isn't about blooming, it's about the start of it all. It's about seeds and weeds and prep for the big exhale of April, when it eventually comes.

But here we are, taunted by a glorious Spring-worthy day full of glorious Spring-brilliant people. Have I mentioned I like my neighbors? Oh, I have. I'll tell you again... Vashon Islanders are pretty amazing. Cancelled space for a beloved sheepdog classic? Every new owner on the block jumps in and offers their new space without reserve. New flower grower? Every gardener and farmer steps forward to introduce themselves or offers an heirloom clip of a precious much-loved peony or our favorite, the Dianthus Green Trick/Ball.

So, really, it's only fair that I took some time to walk around and imagine where the annual and heirloom gardens will go. I'm leaning toward long cutting rows down beside the cherry and pear blossoms. I'm imagining neighbors strolling through the airy blooms with their coffee and quiet chatter... Taking photos of bees in poppies, picking spicy carnations to carry home, soaking in the immersive experience that is being surrounded by so much.

What do you think? Will you visit the Vashon Peony Co. Heirloom and Cutting gardens someday? Will the cherry blossoms make your list? Or the arched heavily scented sweet peas and roses? Or best of all... drum roll please...the row of 400 happy fun Dianthus Green Trick/Ball plants I just managed to source?! All of the above? Let me know in your comments below. Hope to see you there when Spring finally does finds its way to Vashon Island.

Cheers and Coffee,


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Looking forward to coffee and a walk between the rows!

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