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There's this space that I drive by on my way to my work at the farm. It's breathtaking. Rolling hills of pasture framed by firs which hide a stream and mystical somethings that wake the imagination and soothe the soul. It's lots 9035/9049 on my 2.5 mile block that people walk and bike around throughout the day. It's THIS.

Stunning, right?? This gorgeous pasture has served as the backdrop to the annual Vashon Sheepdog Classic for years. Today, I read an article in the Vashon-Maury Island BeachComber by Elizabeth Shepherd noting that the Classic would not be held next year because the owners couldn't guarantee the availability of the field, possibly in part because of the successful purchases of our lot (9072) and the others surrounding it.

Yikes. I was REALLY looking forward to this event and thought I knew a bit about it. I knew that the Classic might be curtailed to handlers-only because of Covid, and I knew there'd be other years. I knew that the Classic made me more inclined to buy our parcel and surrounding parcels, not less. I knew that the Classic was unique and brought value to Vashon, not unlike lots 9035/9049 that we stroll by and romanticize every day. But it's the things I don't know right now that are bothering me:

  • I don't know how much land one might need for an event such as the Classic or what makes a space suitable.

  • I don't know enough of our neighbors yet to know who to ask: Were you excited? Is this something you like or that might benefit your farm/community? Do you have land contiguous to ours?

If you know more than I do, please let me in the know! I'd love to hear from you about possibilities for supporting and hosting this event so that the Vashon Sheepdog Classic can remain, well, classic.

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